Marcus Howell: Drawings and  Prints
Eat.Feeding TimeInsulated by Thick Layers of InsensibilityAlways on the ProwlI Just Want My Fair Share . . .  And That's All of It.Magical ApparitionHigh HopesCold SnapEscalation of HostilityStrategic Waste of TimeTargeting DemographicsTargeting Demographics (detail)Another Chance to Make the Same MistakesMake Yourself PresentableFilthyIgnore. Deny. RepeatGrub in the OvenAfterthoughtTumor CircusThe Coolest Thing I'll Never Do Again.For God's Sake! Make Yourself PresentableMan of SorrowsCarthaginian SolutionsEthan (beat up)Chuck and his mom and dadSophie and ChuckSophieEthanLifeguardBatDoeVengance is Mine, I Will RepayArroganceAggresive Defecation SquadBitch SquadCookiesEvil NEVER Dies!HungryShaolin Short BusMeth MonkeySugar MamaPocket WatchSevn Deadly DwarvesThe GranPhilBaba-YagaThe Meat QueenThe Janitor and the ChimpWretched BirthdayCocaine Napalm Beach Party
Graphite, pen and ink, and Photoshop drawings.