Marcus Howell: Drawings and  Prints
I Just Want My Fair Share. . .And That's All of It.Carthaginian Solutions: The After PartyThe Rabid DebutanteLosing the Genetic LotteryHorrific Intent (Detail)Horrific Intent (Detail)Horrific Intent (Detail)Those With Grotesque Reach and Horrific IntentStartledAnother Chance to Make the Same the Same Mistakes.Magical ApparitionAfterthoughtBetty Lou WilliamsThe Birth of VirtueThe Militant SupplicantPolitical EconomyEmissaries from the Realm of WasteThe Land of CompetitionThe Gates of QuarrelNo Good Deed Goes UnpunishedAngel of Death
Zinc and copper plate etchings. Techniques used include: line etching, soft ground, aquatint, mezzotint, and drypoint.